David Bowie – Low (Original Art)


  • Four times Larger than Life – Case is 28cm by 43.5cm and 6.8cm.
  • Hand painted inlay in acrylic paint on canvas.
  • Both cassette and caseĀ are handmade.
  • Cassette can be stored in the case just like the real thing, as can the original.
  • Wall mount included.


This cassette features a hand painted inlay in acrylic paint on a canvas inlay, inside a handmade perspex and fibreboard case. The cassette is individually fashioned in both fibreboard and perspex by hand in my studio workshop, and fits perfectly within the case. The cassette shares all the same detail seen on the original, making it totally unique. The cassette lettering can be unique custom Letraset from my own artwork or hand painted depending on the material used for the cassette. The case inner is padded to accommodate the large cassette and features a pocket for the diminutive original to fit in. The custom designed wall mount allows the separate pieces to hang on the wall, with the cassette installed below the case, which can still be opened whilst installed in the mount.