Limited Edition Art Print with Cassette & Case

  • Any of the original art cassettes on this site are available in the Limited Edition series.
  • Four times Larger than Life – Case is 28cm by 43.5cm and 6.8cm deep.
  • Fine Art Print inlay signed and numbered.
  • Detailed cassette with graphics true to the original.
  • Both cassette and case are handmade.
  • £1400.00


The Limited Edition Series allow the buyer to enjoy a large cassette and case, with a Fine Art Print of the original art for the inlay.

The cassette is standardised (whilst it doesn’t match a particular original, it still retains all the familiar detail, the graphics are as per the original art) and is still constructed with the same care and attention as the original art piece.

Each title is limited to a series of eight.

Limited Edition Prints are £1,750 and are available for all original art featured on this site (The Specials is shown by way of an example).

Please contact us for further details.